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Publish with Bronze Griffin

Bronze Griffin particularly welcome proposals of Light Novel, Manga, and Visual Novel to publish with us in varieties of genres and areas both fiction and non-fiction under our Bronze Griffin Imprints.

We're accepting all kind of contents except for 18+ materials (pornographic materials).

We're opening an opportunity for authors to have their ideas and stories made reality to be published through out the globe--all over the countries.

We have good news for Light Novel's authors out there as we're providing you with characters design and illustrations to be published alongside with it.

Currently, we're only focusing in digital publication, hence for Light Novel and Manga--only eBook version will be published under our imprints. We're looking forward towards paperback publication, but not in the meantime.

Interested? Submit your work to us.

For Light Novel Authors:-

♦ Send us your full manuscript and a summary of what the story is about.

For Manga Creators:-

♦ Send us your full manuscript and a summary of what the story is about.

For Visual Novel Developers:-

♦ Send us your summary of what the story is about and a demo of the developed game.

Send to us your materials at

We will respond to your email generally within one (1) week on working days. If you do not hear from us within one (1) week, kindly send us a follow up message by replying to your previous sent email.

For businesses and partnerships please send us an email at

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