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Mahou no Sekai「魔法のセカイ」World of Magic (Light Novel)

Bronze Griffin Books

Action | Magic | School

Author: Daniaru Shaa

Illustration by: Sahiko

Rating: rating teen

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Iasharia, a sovereign country where the most well-known all-girls magic academy resides; the Hiroko Magic Academy. Here is where humans with magic aptitude called Mages, attend for their studies in magic to pursue their dreams in becoming a graduated high-ranked Ivory Mage. Naomi Ishikawa, a noble-born girl from the renowned aristocracy family and her best friend Yuki Fujita attend the academy to persevere in magic and graduated as the high-ranked Ivory Mage.

Nevertheless, their academy life changed ever since a newly transferred student, Kizuki Izumi that was transferred into the academy on the first day of the new semester. His existence in the academy creates mixed atmosphere that puts the academy into a new environment as he is the only and first boy ever to be enrolled in the academy, although boys are actually permitted to be enrolled since the academy establishment. Withal, the darkest forces of the land resurface, and Naomi, Yuki, and Kizuki find themselves caught up in their deleterious manoeuvres.

Mahou no Sekai follows Naomi Ishikawa, who is deeply committed in her magic studies, Yuki who has to deal with her best friend’s temper towards certain events, and Kizuki whom there is something more than meets the eye. What secrets from the past they can delve into, and what craziness awaits them in the future?

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